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About Gary Alan Dorris

The author of “Hey Brady, Meet Abe” is Dadat, which is the family name for Brady’s grandfather. Gary Alan Dorris is a lifelong admirer of Abraham Lincoln who has written two other books about him; “Abraham Lincoln – An Uncommon, Common Man” and an abridged juvenile edition “Abraham Lincoln – An Uncommon Man.” In addition, Mr. Dorris writes numerous articles and gives presentations on the life and times of Lincoln. Mr. Dorris is a former U.S. Air Force Officer, a retired Banker, and holds an Elementary Education degree. Learn more about Mr. Dorris and view many of his articles at the Web-site “” and directly reach Mr. Dorris at:

Grandma Sandy, the illustrator of the book, is Sandy Baker, Brady’s paternal grandmother. While Mrs. Baker is an accomplished artist who works with all mediums, she chose watercolors to depict Abraham Lincoln in a more elementary style for younger children. She holds both an Education degree and a Master’s and is a retired counselor and former school teacher.

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