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Hey Brady, Meet Abe!: Getting to know Abraham Lincoln

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“Hey Brady, Meet Abe” is a series of stories about Abraham Lincoln’s life told in a manner to introduce him to children from 3 to 6 years of age. The stories cover his life from his childhood until he became the President of the United States. These brief stories focus on “Abe’s” positive attributes such as his friendly manner, honesty, sense of humor, fairness, and eagerness to learn.


About Gary Alan Dorris

The author of “Hey Brady, Meet Abe” is Dadat, which is the family name for Brady’s grandfather. Gary Alan Dorris is a lifelong admirer of Abraham Lincoln who has written two other books about him; “Abraham Lincoln – An Uncommon, Common Man” and an abridged juvenile edition “Abraham Lincoln – An Uncommon Man.” In addition, Mr. Dorris writes numerous articles and gives presentations on the life and times of Lincoln.



Hey Brady, let me tell you about my friend, Abe.

I call Abe my friend although I have never actually met him. But, people have told me so many wonderful stories about Abe that I always think of him as a very special friend.


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